Somatic Social Work

What is Somatic Social Work?

This term refers to a range of evidence-based practices using both the body (soma) and mind to work with trauma. It includes approaches such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR, and mindfulness.

Traditionally, Western psychotherapy worked primarily with “top-down” experiences of processing information such as talk therapy which has important benefits. Somatic psychotherapy takes this further and incorporates the body’s felt experiences like breath, movement and body awareness into the session to work with your system as a whole. These practices are also known as  “bottom-up” processing. 

Is it right for you?

Body-based/somatic therapy has been proven for working with trauma and emotional overwhelm. Trauma always involves both the body and the mind so it is important to compassionately build safety from both places. I work with children, youth, adults, and elders experiencing: emotional overwhelm, PTSD, complex developmental trauma, intergenerational trauma, racial trauma, community violence, chronic pain/ health challenges, age-related transitions, and grief.

Julia Gibran | Somatic Social Work

Benefits of Somatic Social Work & Psychotherapy

Top Down Processing

Bottom Up Process